Viral Video Student and Teacher

A po*n video of a student with a lecturer spread and went viral on social media.

It is known that the duration of the exciting video between the student and the lecturer is 21 minutes 13 seconds, which takes place in a room where a sketch of the Gedung Sate painting is displayed.

According to the link obtained by the West Java Tribune, it seems that the hot video of the student and the lecturer shows the presence of a young woman and a man wearing glasses in the room.

“The distribution of immoral content is related to the ITE Law and the production of pornographic content is related to the Pornography Law. So we are still waiting for the results of the investigation from the Ditreskrimsus because it is related to the ITE Law and the Pornography Law,” said Truno.

He said, a team of investigators from the West Java Regional Police’s Ditreskrimsus had been deployed to investigate the distribution of the video.

“Of course, if there is something that could cause disturbance, we will carry out an investigation if it disturbs social security and order and violates the law,” he said.

Source : tribunnews